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About African Diurnal Safaris and Tours

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African Diurnal safaris and tours a  private experience safari company owned and founded by Lameck Sylvester a local Tanzanian safaris guide who had a vast experience in all field of hospitality industry around East Africa. He had been working as a freelancer guide /driver and full-time tours and safaris guide in various safaris companies in Mwanza and Northern circuits of Tanzania,

He is known for his vast experience in safaris and tours.  Meeting with different visitors In his field. He started to organize a small group tour for families, friends, school, and vacationist who visiting East Africa destinations.

He is motivated with his mission and vision of owning the best leading safari company based in
Mwanza Tanzania.

Lameck Sylvester

Our Mission

To produce diverse and imaginative safari programs highlighting East Africa Flora and Fauna, culture and traditional while ensuring the very best profession standards.

Driver Guides.

Guides are expert at identifying flora and fauna as well as being the best spotters of wildlife.

Our vehicles

Our fleet of 4WD Safari equipped vehicles includes Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rover Defenders. Each
safari vehicle is special equipped with.

  • Radio call.
  • Guaranteed window seats.
  • Access to the roof hatches to ensure best game viewing and photography experience.
  • Internet Wifi
Tanzania Over View.


Tanzania is a country with many tourist attractions more than 44 percent of Tanzania land area is covered with game reserves and National parks. There are 16 National Park, 29 Game reserves, 40 controlled areas and marine parks Tanzania is also home to the famous Roof of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro. On 6 January 2012 the New York time awarded Tanzania the 7th position among 45 top destinations to visit in this year 2012.

Tanzania most know tourist attractions are located in Northern of the country and include Kilimanjaro African’s highest mountain and the Serengeti National Park renowned for its spectacular seasonal migrations. The Ngorongoro conservation area is an extinct volcanic caldera with excellent game viewing from the crater rim. The area has large herds of wildebeest, Zebra, and lions and the black rhinoceros.

Meet The Team

LEMMY MUSSA - Climbing & trekking consultant

Lemmy Mussa

Climbing & trekking consultant
SAMUEL AJAB - Vice President

Samuel Ajab

Vice President
DENIS MAGORI - Senior tour guide

Denis Magori

Senior tour guide
MARRY JOHN - Reservation & customer service

Marry John

Reservation & customer service
NDAKI SAMSON - Tour guide

Ndaki Samson

Tour guide
Lameck Sylvester

Lameck Sylvester

CEO and Founder
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